Regular classes

Discover Your Routine: Exciting Regular Fitness Classes at Funrobics-Fithealth

Hatha Yoga

Harmonize mind and body through revitalizing Hatha Yoga sessions.

Mat Pilates

Elevate fitness with Mat Pilates, incorporating props for added effectiveness.

Musical Cardio

Groove through heart-pounding Musical Cardio sessions for a lively workout.

Weight Training

Sculpt with a dynamic mix of bodyweight exercises and dumbbell workouts.

Alignments & Isometric Workouts

Experience precision in Alignments & Isometric Workouts during pre-announced sessions

Restorative Practices

Explore tranquility through controlled breathing and rejuvenating practices in our pre-announced sessions.

Focused Workshops

Experience transformative learning in our Focused Workshops at Funrobics-Fithealth. Contact Us for more details.


Breathe in wellness with revitalizing Pranayama sessions here.


Calm your mind, find peace in our meditation sessions.

Stress Management Technique

Revitalize with Mind & Body Detox sessions for rejuvenation.

Mind & Body Detoxification

Master stress, embrace calmness in our expert-guided sessions.

One-Day Trial Special

₹149 only

Experience the Funrobics-Fithealth Difference! Try Our Services (Classes) for One Day at Just ₹149. Unlock a Day of Fitness Excellence.

Unsure/First Timer

₹149 only

Validity – 1 day

Frequency –  Mon, Tue, Thu

Recordings – Not Availaible

Your Savings – NA

Our pricings

Try out all forms

₹1500 only

Validity – 30 Days 

Frequency – Thrice A Week

Recordings – 24 Hours Validity

Your Savings – NA


Health Focused

₹3825 only

Validity – 90 Days 

Frequency – Thrice A Week

Recordings – 24 Hours Validity

Your Savings – 15% 

(2700/- per year) 

Goal Driven

₹7000 only

Validity – 180 Days

Frequency – Thrice A Week

Recordings – 24 Hours Validity

Your Savings – 22% 

(4000/- per year)

Value my Health

₹12000 only

Validity – 365 Days

Frequency – Thrice A Week

Recording – 24 Hours Validity

Your Savings – 33% 

(6000/- per year)