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Our curated services, led by Dr. Archana Upadhyaya, brings along a fitness journey enriched with over 15 years of expertise. Join our vibrant community, spanning across age 5 to 70+ to discover a holstic approach of well-being.

Hatha Yoga

Harmonize mind and body through revitalizing Hatha Yoga sessions.

Mat Pilates

Elevate fitness with Mat Pilates, incorporating props for added effectiveness.

Weight Training

Sculpt with a dynamic mix of bodyweight exercises and dumbbell workouts.

Musical Cardio

Groove through heart-pounding Musical Cardio sessions for a lively workout.

Alignments & Isometric Workouts

Experience precision in Alignments & Isometric Workouts during pre-announced sessions

Pranayama & Restorative Practices

Explore tranquility through controlled breathing and rejuvenating practices in our pre-announced sessions.



Funrobics-Fithealth is Dedicated to Quality Online Classes with Personal Attention



At Funrobics-Fithealth, we proudly hold over 20,000 hours of dedicated training, recognized for fitness excellence. Led by Dr. Archana Upadhyaya, a Reebok Certified Aerobics Trainer, Step Trainer, and Pilates Instructor with Yoga certifications from YCB and 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Registered. Join us in celebrating a commitment to holistic well-being and proven fitness excellence.

Numbers Speak

At Funrobics-Fithealth, our commitment to excellence is reflected in compelling statistics that define our success.

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Years of Experience

Funrobics-Fithealth, with over 15+ years, has been shaping successful fitness journeys.

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Happy Clients

Our commitment reflects in countless happy clients shaping their well-being with Funrobics-Fithealth.

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Hours of Dedicated Training

Funrobics-Fithealth proudly boasts over 20,000 hours of commitment to your transformative fitness journey.

Benefits of joining funrobics-fithealth

Group Classes

Engage in dynamic group sessions online, enjoying real-time interaction and support from Dr. Archana. The flexibility in scheduling allows you to join from the comfort of your home, making fitness a seamless part of your routine.

Personalised Training

Experience personalized attention with one-to-one sessions led by Dr. Archana. Tailor your fitness journey to your specific goals, benefiting from focused guidance and feedback. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned, these sessions ensure a unique and effective path to your desired results.

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